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Football Remembers

Children at South Farnham School joined millions of others across the country in their last week of term by taking time out of lessons to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War ‘Christmas Truce.’.

Football matches were organised by all year groups throughout the week in order to commemorate the historic moment when British and German troops put down their weapons and ventured out into no man’s land together on Christmas Day 1914.

Forming part of the Football Remembers project, established by a team of footballing associations including the FA, the football matches all began with a one-minute silence.

The colours red and black were worn to symbolise the memorial poppy and children were encouraged to participate in the spirit of the original event by being non-competitive.

Jonathan Franks, PE coordinator at South Farnham School, described the event as “a touching tribute” to those who took part in the 1914 truce.

“Every match began with a one minute silence, during which children bowed their heads and took time to think about what they were commemorating,” he explained.

“Every child in the school took part in one of our memorial matches to mark the centenary of what could well be the most famous football match ever played.”

Lou Daly, Year 6 teacher and organiser of the event, said “It is so important that the whole school remembered this special anniversary by taking part in these football matches.

“Every child has thoroughly enjoyed taking part and has shown great respect.”

Football Remembers is organised nationally by the British Council, the FA, The Football League and the Premier League.

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