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Home Guidelines

Guidelines for Parents and Carers

Homework is an important aspect of education and we are grateful for your part in helping your child understand this and for giving appropriate help in the way it is managed.

Homework may involve finishing work that has been sarted within the classroom or undertaking further work designed to consolidate teaching or extend classroom activites with personal research.

The homework set will be geared to the individual needs of the child and we recognize that there will be differing home circumstances. Your guidance, though, is vital and we ask that a suitable place for work, and assistance if required, be provided.

We would stongly encourage that all children are given the opportunity to read with, to, or under the supervision of, an interested and supportive adult as part of their daily homework.

Children are given several days to complete homework tasks in recognition that other outside school activities play important parts in their lives. An extended time for completion helps a child develop skills of time management and responsibility.

Your child has a Homework Book, the purpose of which is to ensure a positive dialogue between home and school. Should you feel that you would like to comment in any way regarding tasks set, or if there seems to be a mismatch of timing in the completion of them, which is causing concern, please use the Homework Book, or mention it to the class teacher personally.

If your child is particularly enjoying the task and wishes to spend more time on it, we would, of course, be delighted with any additional personal research they feel stimulated to undertake.

We appreciate your continued support and involvement.