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Reception Class Forum

Welcome to the Reception Class Forum. Please feel free to ask questions, share comments and keep in touch with your class.

Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Miss. Surman 9 months ago
    Hello Penguin and Puffin class! We hope you are all well and managing to get through some of the home learning we have set. We are loving seeing what you are up to on our online learning journey system 'Tapestry'. On here we have been setting fun daily challenges too. Tapestry is a great way to keep in contact with your teachers. We check it every day and respond to all of the learning posted. If you don't have a Tapestry account, please get in contact with us and we can help you to set one up. That is the best platform for us to be able to help you but we will of course be checking here too. Hope you are all well and staying safe! Miss. Surman and Miss. Bye
  • Becky Gould 8 months ago
    Hi Guys, I don't think I have a tapestry account for Felix W. Also, if we are uploading the work to tapestry do you still want us to keep the original copies for evidence too?
  • Miss. Surman 7 months ago
    Hi Becky, No problem we can get that set up for you. Do you have an email address that we can link it to? Keeping the paper copies would be great if you can, it will help to provide us with additional evidence if we were to get moderated. Thank you for your message!
  • Emily Gogarty 5 months ago
    Hi Miss Bye, I can’t see the new timetable for the week commencing 27th April on the website as wanted to print everything off today if possible? Thanks Emily
  • Emily Gogarty 5 months ago
    Hi Miss Bye, Please could you put up the timetable for next weeks activities so I can print out and have a chance to look at it. Many thanks, Emily

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