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School Meals

School meals cost £2.45 a day.

The meals are freshly cooked on the premises.  There is a wide variety of dishes representing very good value for money.

You are very welcome to have lunch with your child. Please make an arrangement through the school office. If you want your child to stop having school meals, please write to the school office at least one week in advance.

Meals are paid for in advance on the first day of each week. Cheques are accepted and should be made out to 'Surrey County Council'. Money may be paid half-termly and is also payable on-line through our online payment system ParentPay but these payments must also be in advance. Absences will, of course, be credited. If you think you qualify for free meals please get in touch with the School Office. The school has been advised by Surrey County Council to warn parents that if they persistently send a child to school with no food or money then they may be reported to the local welfare officer for child neglect.

Surrey Commercial Services have their own website dedicated to school meals and healthy eating:

School meals should be paid in advance weekly, half-termly or termly online through ParentPay. See "How to book school meals" section. If you have difficulty accessing your account or need your password re-set please contact the school office.