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Welcome to the Year 1 Forum. Please feel free to ask questions, share comments and keep in touch with your class.

Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Miss Barber 1 year ago
    Hello Vinnie! Great job - we can't wait to see it! Miss Barber
  • Cheryl Lord 1 year ago
    Hi Mr Farrell and Miss Barber, Hope you are both well. Just a couple of things from the new timetable.. the week one spelling link isn't spellings it is a repeat of the 'ie' sheet. Can we have a bit more guidance on the planning sheet from week 1 please? And I can't see the Easter Story for week 2 unless I am missing something. Also I am struggling to find any reading material, I went on the Oxford Owl and registered and there are no Level 7 turquoise books showing up and it looks like they are only giving access to one book per level. I'm not sure if there is something wrong with the site as it wasn't like this the other day. Are there any other sources we can use? Many thanks! Cheryl Lord - Hughie's Mum P.S. He misses everyone
  • Freya Elliott 1 year ago
    We have got a caterpillar kit! We'll let you know how they grow! Can you pictures on here?
  • Mr Farrell 1 year ago
    Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe. Due to some unforeseen technical issues, I am unfortunately unable to record a ‘Weekly Challenge’ video. These issues are being sorted as I write this, so for the time being, can you please refer to 1B’s ‘Weekly Challenge’ video. I will make sure I speak to you as soon as these issues are fixed and I am very sorry for this inconvenience! Stay safe and I’ll see you soon!
  • Miss Barber 1 year ago
    FAO: Freya Your caterpillar kit sounds brilliant! You can email any photos to so that we can share them. Are you keeping a caterpillar diary? Miss Barber
  • Miss Barber 1 year ago
    Hi Mrs Lord, Many thanks for your message. I'm just responding in relation to your Oxford Owl query. I have accessed the Oxford Owl site this morning and seem to be able to see nine 'turquoise' books. I wonder whether, with the current situation, they are updating the site regularly. I will keep popping back to check and will let you know if I find any updated information. In the meantime, please continue to share books that you have at home and eBooks (I am currently trying to source a list of helpful websites that parents can access remotely). Hope that you are well. Take care, Miss Barber
  • Miss Barber & Mr Farrell 1 year ago
    Hello 1B and 1F! We just wanted to say a huge WELL DONE and a ginormous THANK YOU for the wonderful video that we received over the weekend. Wow - what a talented bunch of Year Ones we have at Highfield! It looks like you had lots of fun learning your lines and performing them to the camera - we loved seeing how creative you all are. Parents - thank you... what a clever way to make us very emotional!! :) We hope that you are all ok, that you are staying safe and that you are having lots of fun at home. We are so proud of each and every one of you and can't wait to see you soon. Miss Barber and Mr Farrell. P.S. Don't forget to have a look at the Weekly Challenge and Story Time videos for each class. We are looking forward to hearing all about your weekly challenges.
  • Vinnie Maxwell-Pratt 1 year ago
    We have made the biggest tower out of Duplo! We will try to send a picture shortly!
  • Kimm Sutter 11 months ago
    Hi everyone, This is Hervé and his mum. Hope everyone is doing ok? We're safe and well. Thank you so much for providing the variety of work - great for keeping some sort of sanity in the mornings (and then we go 'freestyle' in the afternoon. We've done some fun work writing a new version of the Magic Horse poem but the Discussion link doesn't make much sense to me... WALT? WILF? is there a supplementary link that I've missed? Also, can't wait to get on to the emergency phone call (think my boys will try to call the X-Men before the police) but I cannot find a link to the mentioned Powerpoint. Is it there or am I going crazy? Thanks, Kimm
  • Miss Barber 11 months ago
    Hi Kimm and Hervé, thank you for your message. Pleased to hear that you are safe and well. It sounds like you've been doing lots at home - we'd love to hear what you've been getting up to during your 'freestyle' afternoons! In terms of this week's work, I think that the PowerPoint entitled 'Discussion' may have been put up in error - apologies for this. I also cannot seem to find a link for the emergency PowerPoint, but just having a general discussion at home about what to do in an emergency would be great. Should you need anything else, please don't hesitate to message and we'll do our best to help. Take care, Miss Barber
  • Miss Barber & Mr Farrell 11 months ago
    Hello Year 1! We hope that you are all well and are having fun and staying safe at home. Thank you to everyone who has sent us in pictures of your learning so far - we love seeing your work. Our challenge to you this week is to see if we can fill the online WOW Wall with Year 1's wonderful work! Your grown-ups can email anything that you'd like to share to . Don't forget, we post a challenge video each week, as well as a story for each class. You could try watching both of our story videos and have double the amount of story time! We miss seeing you all very much, but can't wait to see you all again hopefully very soon. In the meantime, look after yourselves (and your grown-ups!), keep having lots of fun and keep washing those hands! Miss Barber and Mr Farrell :)
  • Adrienne Mulder 10 months ago
    Hi Miss Barber We are so sorry to have missed your call earlier. Reuven is doing well. Hope you are well. He has his granny, all the way in Durban South Africa, helping with his school work this week. Please call again when you have a chance as Reuven would love to hear from you. Thanks. Adrienne
  • Miss Barber 10 months ago
    Hi Adrienne, thank you for your message. Sorry we missed each other earlier. I am so pleased to hear that you are all well - how wonderful for Reuven to have his granny helping him with his learning...the wonders of modern technology! I will try and ring again next week when I am in school. In the meantime, take care. Miss Barber
  • Miss Barber 8 months ago
    Hi 1B! Just to say that it was lovely to see you all today when we had our Zoom circle time. All of the 1B grown-ups couldn’t believe how much you’ve all grown! We hope that you enjoyed seeing your friends. It sounds like you have all been very busy at home - bikes, scooters, vegetable planting and even wobbly teeth! We are looking forward to seeing you again next Thursday for some challenges...don’t forget your hats! :) Take care and we’ll see each other again very soon. Miss Barber

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