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Year 2 Forum

Welcome to the Year 2 Forum. Please feel free to ask questions, share comments and keep in touch with your class.

Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Dawn Sarjeant 2 months ago
    Neither of the two links in week commencing 30th March work for: Loom Video Art GFOL Song
  • Mrs Buckton 2 months ago
    This should now be resolved. Sorry!
  • Lucy Coombes ago
    Please can you tell me what the password for loom Is as I cannot look at anything. Thank you in advance Lucy C
  • Claire Buckton ago
    Good Morning I have just sent you an email with the password. I hope you receive it! Thanks Claire
  • Lucy Coombes 1 month ago
    Good morning We can’t access the 2P weekly challenge coming up with an error of null Please can you assist Kind regards Lucy
  • Rosie Oates 1 month ago
    Hi, the history support video for w/c 20th April has an error when opening.
  • claire buckton 1 month ago
    I have tested the Yr2 P weekly challenge link adn it seems to be working. Can you try again. Thanks Claire
  • Becky Price 1 month ago
    Hey Rosie, I've just looked at the History support video and it seems to be working. Please try it again and if you're still having problems, we can have another look! Thanks
  • Tajul Islam 1 month ago
    Hi, the Loom videos are password restricted.
  • claire buckton 1 month ago
    Good Afternoon - I have just sent the password for the Loom Videos to you via email. Please let me know if you don't receive it. Many Thanks Claire
  • Miss Price 1 month ago
    Hi Year 2, I hope you're all well. What an amazing prayer that you sent in for the wow Wall Ruby! Charlie P-I love your gardening! Year 2, we'd love to see more of your work-please send it in! Parents and carers, we hope you're finding home schooling okay. Remember, do as much as you can but try not to worry to much about it. If there's any additional help/videos/resources that you would like to see, please let us know (either on here or via email and we will do our best to make it.) We miss you all so much and can't wait to see your faces, whenever that may be. Stay safe and happy, Miss Price
  • Rosie Oates 1 month ago
    Hi, we are really enjoying the 2E story time. On the chapter 10/11 recording, it appears to stop early at the end of chapter 10 missing out 11!
  • Rosie Oates 1 month ago
    I'm so glad to hear you've been listening to the story! Gosh, I don't know what's happened to that chapter 11. .. user error I should think. I'll re-record it. Hang on! Sending best wishes :) Zoe Ennor
  • Lucy Coombes 1 month ago
    Good morning Miss price please can you tell us how to send in pictures of the work as Caitlin wants me to send a couple of bits through. Thank you in advance Lucy
  • Miss Price 1 month ago
    Hi Lucy, I saw the bits you sent through and they're fab! The prayer has been put up on the websites wow wall as it was so brilliant. I loved the joint poem and finger painting too. Keep up the hard work! Miss Price
  • Dawn Sarjeant 3 months ago
    Thank you for all the work going into the school work - For week 4th May the Busy Ants 1 link does not work - just errors with a 404 error file not found. Thanks very much
  • Lucy Coombes 3 months ago
    The math sheet 1 keeps coming up with a 404 or 401 error please can someone check this please. Thank you in advance
  • Tajul Islam 3 weeks ago
    The first Maths link for this week is not working
  • Miss Price ago
    Wow Aqib, I've just seen your art work. Brilliant! Keep up the hard work everyone, we miss you all!
  • Mrs Ennor 2 weeks ago
    I've just seen all your fantastic work Sienna- Rose and Rohan. It's amazing! Keep it up and keep sending it in- it makes me so proud and happy. Missing you all!
  • Miss Price 2 weeks ago
    2P-it was so lovely seeing you on Tuesday. Remember, our next class zoom is on Tuesday at 2:15. Logging on at about twoish should allow you enough time to login successfully. Remember, if you’ve completed the challenge to make a mask, we’d love to see it! I’ve written a special quiz for us to complete so have paper and a pen/pencil ready. See you all on Tuesday, looking forward to it already!
  • Mosa Khatun 2 weeks ago
    Good morning Miss Price. Aqib wanted me to send a couple of pictures to Wow Wall website. He was so excited to see his name on Wow Wall so I sent those to that website. Can you help to put up those pictures on Wow Wall website please!
  • Miss Price 2 weeks ago
    Hi Mosa, I have requested that this piece of work goes to the wow wall. Hope that helps! Miss Price
  • Miss Price 1 week ago
    Hi 2P, Just a quick note. It was so lovely to see you on Tuesday! I loved doing the quiz and catching up with you all properly. We went have a zoom call next week as its half term. So our next zoom call will be on 2nd June at the new time of 3:30. This is due to the changes that will be happening in school after the half term. Look forward to seeing you then! Miss Price

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