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Welcome to the Year 3 Forum. Please feel free to ask questions, share comments and keep in touch with your class.

Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Bridget Woodcock 1 year ago
    Morning, Sounds like Chloe is keeping busy! Its fine to complete a mixture of worksheets and on line work. Your timetable sounds like you are covering everything, don't forget to include some exercise too, especially as the weather is fine at the moment. Bridget Woodcock
  • Miss O'Donnell 1 year ago
    Happy Friday!! I hope you have all had a pleasant week. I celebrated a quarantine birthday yesterday, which felt very weird but it was also the day I was sent in so many photographs and examples of work, so thank you for sharing your child's fabulous home learning with me, you're all doing great! Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any help or support (or if you just want to share how you're getting on!). For those of you who need some more Mathletics activities, I will be updating Mathletics shortly. Take care and I look forward to seeing you all soon! Miss O'Donnell :)
  • Nicole Coward 1 year ago
    Hi there, Hope you are well and staying safe. Mrs Woodcock, hope your Mum is OK. The Year 3 work on the web site is different to the work sheets that we were given on the last day of term. For this reason, we have completed a mix of the written work sheets originally provided, and the on line work. We won't have time to do both. I hope this OK? Basically we have managed an hour or English and an hour of Maths a day, lots of reading, and topic work in the afternoons. Obviously we can adhere to the on line working for future weeks going forward. Hope this all sounds alright Nic Coward
  • Miss O'Donnell 11 months ago
    Thank you to everyone who managed to make our Zoom call today at the new time! To finish the assembly, I shared a poem with the children. I will try to contact parents of children who could not attend today with a copy of the poem for you to share with your child. Thanks for keeping in touch and sharing your child's work with me. I hope everyone is well! :)
  • Gail Wilson 11 months ago
    Hello, Hope everyone is OK! Are we supposed to have a password for Loom please as we can't access some of the videos. We did other things before the Easter holidays instead as I didn't get round to asking! Thank you! Scott says hello to the teachers, especially Miss O'Donnell.
  • claire buckton 11 months ago
    Dear Mrs Wilson - Hope you are well. I have just emailed you the password for all Loom Videos. Thanks Claire
  • Miss O'Donnell 11 months ago
    Hello Mrs Wilson (and Scott!) - hopefully you are now able to watch the Loom videos! I have just uploaded the next few chapters of Matilda, I hope you enjoy it!! I will be creating another challenge video soon, so keep your eyes open! Take care :)
  • Anne-Rie Naude 11 months ago
    Good day ms O'Donnell, I see that there is a resource 43 that is needed for today's math. Is it available online or am I missing it somewhere? Also, I keep forgetting to ask, did you send home exercise books with the kids? Thank you very much. Have a nice day
  • Julia Harrison 11 months ago
    Hi Miss O’Donnell, Can you possibly put links up (for free resources) next to the work sheets that need resources (eg 1000 number square) to help speed up the time printing sheets off as I seem to be spending ages trying to find them, or registering into things like twinkl and then you have to scroll through which ones are free! Thanks so much! Sammy is missing school, all the teachers and his friends a lot, and we are finding home learning is very hit and miss, depending on his mood. So some days we don’t achieve much at all, and others are more productive. So we are just trying the best we can under the circumstances. Hope you are staying safe and well! Julia Ps. Can the password for Loom be put up on here for everyone? Thanks again
  • Julia Harrison 11 months ago
    Me again!!! I’ve just been reading about Oak National Academy- which provides free online lessons for teachers (done by teachers) and is available for parents too (but I think at the request of the school) . Is this something that can be suggested to Mr West as an idea to help with home learning. I am finding it really difficult to keep my two engaged with the worksheets, topics etc and bits of info on the bbc bite size (they are generally only a few minutes) plus I’m personally struggling sometimes helping them with the work as it’s not my area of expertise...again, I’m sure I’m not alone in this! I know the secondary schools are all doing online lessons so the days can be more structured, I just wonder if this might help us all for the longer term as this situation isn’t changing any time soon? And this may help to maintain some kind of normality with learning for the children too, so their education doesn’t suffer. (At the hands of my teaching!!) Can you let me know your thoughts.
  • Nicky Humphrey 11 months ago
    Hi Mrs O We hope you are keeping well ? Tilli is missing you tons but really enjoyed seeing your Easter challenge and she did a pet poem ! I hope I have sent it over properly I sent it to go on the wow wall could you let me know you received it ? Tilli has been doing a mix of work , but has been a challenge trying to teach the other 2 girls as well ! Looking forward to seeing you and getting back to normal ASAP !
  • Maria Gregory-Carlton 11 months ago
    Hello Mrs Woodcock I'm struggling to see what has been assigned on mathletics, Ellen has been in there quite a lot and has downloaded a number of additional things. Now I don't know what was assigned and what was not! Are you able to check/advise please? Thanks so much Maria
  • Miss O'Donnell 11 months ago
    Hi Mrs Naude - I will speak to the team to ask if resource sheets for the Busy Ants Maths can be uploaded with the worksheets! We did not send home any exercise books with the children as children are expected to complete their work on paper at home. I hope you all are doing well, please say hello from me! Mrs Harrison - Hi! I hope you and Sammy are well, I understand how frustrating the situation is and I will see if it's possible to get some resources such as number lines, 1000 number squares, etc on the system somehow. I am aware that Twinkl has offered a free month which has now been extended, so it may be worth signing up to that for resources - that should save you the trouble of trying to find out which ones are free! I have passed on your second message to see if this is something we can look into - we are working hard to find ways to stay connected with parents and children throughout this period and I know that many ideas are currently being thrown around to see if they could work! Hello, Ms Humphrey (and Tilli!!) - How are you?! Hopefully we will return to normal soon! I hope you're all doing okay and hanging in there! Thank you so much for having a go at the challenge - I will pop over there now and have a look at it! Would just like to take this moment to thank you all again for your support and hard work during this time, it is clear that you have all been trying hard to retain some of the normality for your children and it's been so nice to see all the work produced by your children (and pet pictures!). I understand that it can at times be challenging to get motivated so I cannot express how appreciative I am, thank you! If you are having trouble viewing the Loom videos, Mrs Buckton will be able to send you the password - the password is the same for all Loom videos :) I hope to see you and your children again soon, please take care & stay safe :)
  • Miss O'Donnell 11 months ago
    Hi again! As you may be aware, as a trust we are not setting weekly spellings but I would just like to remind you all that Spellodrome can be accessed using your Mathletics login. This combined with reading and playing word games like Junior Scrabble or Bananagrams are excellent ways to increase spelling ability - I know I have been enjoying playing Scrabble online lately! I will be recording some more chapters of Matilda this week, so that should be on the website soon. Thanks again, stay safe! :)
  • Sarah Adcock 11 months ago
    Hi Miss O’Donnell, hope you’re keeping well. Charlie asked me to email you a copy of a presentation on Unicorns she did. She was very proud of it. She would love to hear from you if you have time. Many thanks Sarah
  • Miss O'Donnell 11 months ago
    Hello Mrs Adcock! I'm terribly sorry - I sent a reply last Tuesday but it must not have reached you!! I have resent it now so hopefully you've received it?! Take care!
  • 11 months ago
    Dear Mrs Gregory-Carlton I did set some new mathletics this morning, I will check that it is working later. Ellen can also access Spellodrome using her Mathletics login too. Hope you are keeping well and safe. Bridget Woodcock
  • Anne-Rie Naude 10 months ago
    Dear Ms O'Donnell, thank you for your previous response. Can you please update Kalem's Mathletics. It was last updated just before the holidays. Thank you. Have a good. Anne-Rie
  • Miss O'Donnell 10 months ago
    I hope you are all enjoying the sun this week! As it is half term there will be no Zoom assembly this week (27th May)! I will look into how Zoom assemblies will move forward now some children are returning to school. Please continue to take care and hopefully I will see you soon :)
  • Miss O'Donnell 9 months ago
    The Zoom call was so much fun, thank you to everyone who managed to join us, it'll be the place to be every week at 1:30pm so I hope to see you all again next Wednesday - remember to bring your pets (photographs are fine)! Mathletics will be updated tonight and I will try to record some more chapters of Matilda, so keep your eyes peeled. Take care! Miss O'Donnell :)
  • Miss O'Donnell 8 months ago
    Hi Year 3. Keep up the fantastic work, It's almost the end of term! It has been lovely to see those of you who have come in for our farewell gathering - hopefully I will see some more children this evening! I hope you're all getting excited for next year and are enjoying writing your letter to your next teacher. We have noticed the mistake on the website and we will fix it ASAP. In the meantime, please address your letters to your next teacher (3O can write to Miss Dunsdon, who will be the class teacher of 4D. 3W should address their letter to Mr Munns, who will be the class teacher of 4M). If I don't see you before the summer, I hope you have a fabulous break! Take care :)
  • Miss O'Donnell 5 months ago
    Hi 3O. I am sorry that, due to other commitments, there is no assembly this week. I did change the day to Wednesday after school but nobody has shown up, oops! We will try again next Thursday (18th June) at 3:30pm. I hope to see some of you then. If you are planning on attending our next assembly, please bring a self-portrait of yourself! After you have sketched your self-portrait, you could paint it or colour it in coloured pencils - try to be really creative! We are drawing self portraits in my group at school this week and I would love to see what you can do! I hope you're all well and I look forward to seeing you soon. Take care :)

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