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Welcome to the Year 4 Forum. Please feel free to ask questions, share comments and keep in touch with your class.

Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Dawn 1 year ago
    Hi Claire It doesn't matter that the work is different he can do any or all of it
  • Miss Butler 1 year ago
    Dear Year 4 Hope you have had a good week, I have received some lovely work including great writing from Josh and videos from Eve and Theo. The work has been uploaded for next week and some exciting news about a Zoom assembly and some fun challenges. I have talked about the 75th anniversary of VE day (Victory in Europe) which is happening on Friday across the nation. I mistakenly said it was the end of World War Two, and I want to correct myself and state it was the end of the fighting in Europe and then Victory in Japan was declared in August 1945. This Friday will be an opportunity for us all to take a moment to remember the enormous sacrifices that were made and to acknowledge the peace that we enjoy today. Miss Butler
  • Caroline Hartley 1 year ago
    Hi, I just wanted to check, is there an address we could send any work that the children particularly want to show you (obviously not everything!) to? Just the odd thing in the week that they are especially proud of? Hope everyone is well! Caro
  • Mss Butler 1 year ago
    Dear Kimm Thanks for your message. I have just had a look on the Raspberry Pi website and it should allow Yoen to create his own account, there is a option for under 16s. It's packed full of coding opportunities. Thanks Miss B
  • Miss Butler 1 year ago
    Dear Kimm Ahhhh, scratch that! When I clicked on under 16 option, it says it is not available yet! Looking on the web, there are so many coding websites including codeacademy, most are free to a certain level and then they start charging, as we found with codemonkey. Scratch is a website that is known to your children but if anyone can suggest any others, they would be most welcome. Happy coding! Miss B
  • Claire Buckton 1 year ago
    Hi Mrs Hartley. Please send any work to We have set up a "Wow Wall" to show off all the great work that the children are doing at home and we would love to hear from you. Hope you are all well.
  • Miss Butler 11 months ago
    Reily, I have just seen your amazing work on circuits and electricity on the WOW work wall. That is really good that you have made circuits and re-wired an actual plug rather than just reading about them - keep up the excellent work - thanks Reily's dad! Come on Year 4, let's fill the WOW wall with our work, I would love to see the photos of your home learning.
  • Nikki Fletcher 11 months ago
    Is it possible to have some solutions/answers to the Maths Activity for today (Lesson 5: Area and Perimeter Puzzles), maybe its just cos its Friday but its making our brains hurt!!
  • Kimm Sutter 10 months ago
    Hi, we started to look at the RaspberryPi home work, and it wouldn't let us create an account for Yoen as he is< 16. Is anyone more au fait with RP - is there a way to save a children's project or does an adult have to do it? Also any good advice /sources on basic coding? I have a book called Hello Ruby that I will start to look at tomorrow (will recommend if good) but wondering if others have ideas? Thanks - hope all keeping well, and sane. Kimm (Yoen's mum) x
  • Miss Butler 10 months ago
    Dear Rachael I have just sent you and Jacob an email through the info.highfield channel - thanking you for sending through Jacob's excellent work on music soundtracks, area, perimeter and for completing the Easter challenges. I really enjoyed seeing them and hearing from Jacob. I wonder if you could send me a video through Loom as this is the preferred method at Highfield. Could you give that a try? Thanks in advance. Miss B
  • Miss Butler 10 months ago
    Hello everybody, Welcome to the Summer Term! I have recorded two more chapters of our book and set two challenges for this week, so please click to watch the video. Miss B
  • Georgina Keen 9 months ago
    Hello Ms Butler, Hope you managed to have a relaxing Easter break? We were wondering if it would be possible to have sight of the lists of spellings from the last three weeks of last term and any you might have been planning for this term? Mac's spelling has definitely deteriorated and he loves his words so we'd really appreciate the lists if you did have them even if just one long list which we can break up? Will have to remember to send you some of the work we have managed particularly wiring a plug. James taught mac how to do it only for me to point out he had his wires crossed when showing Mac. Literally! Many thanks.
  • Rachael Savage 9 months ago
    Hi again Miss Butler, Yes, thank you for the email. Jacob was very pleased to receive it! I will try and send you the video of his magic trick via Loom. He’s really enjoying the book so will be very excited that there are more chapters to listen to. Take care Rachael x
  • Miss Butler 9 months ago
    Hello everyone, It is so nice to hear from you and get your feedback, particularly about the story, that's good, I will carry on recording the chapters as I am enjoying it too! I wonder when we will get to the dramatic part, we know the setting, we know the characters, I can just sense something exciting is about to happen. Thank you Mac's mum, I am in school today so will see what I can do about spellings. And lastly, thank you to Leon and his mum, Emily for the brilliant gardening photos that I received, looks like you will have a bumper crop of vegetables. it's a perfect time to plant and nurture some seeds. Keep enjoying the sunshine!
  • Miss Butler 9 months ago
    Dear Parents, Re: Spellings I have just checked with Ms Wilson and as a trust we are not setting weekly spellings for key stage 2. All the year 4 words are available on Spellodrome (using your mathletics login). This combined with reading and playing word games like bananagram and junior scrabble are excellent ways to increase spelling ability. For children who love words and learning spellings, they could learn 10 new words a week, either from their reading book or from Spellodrome, but these will not be set by school. I hope this is satisfactory. Miss Butler
  • Georgina Keen 9 months ago
    Dear Miss Butler, Many thanks for the feedback on spellings. Totally understand the situation! Stay safe. George and Mac
  • Miss Butler 9 months ago
    Dear all, Thank you for the fantastic work from Eve and Reily, it really makes my day to receive your photos and work through the remote learning email. The work for next week hasn't been uploaded as yet but I keep checking and as soon as it is, if there is anything that needs explaining , I will record a loom video. I have two extra fun challenges to set, so keep your eyes peeled for that video to be posted. Well done on all your hard work this week. Keep in touch, keep safe and keep washing your hands. Miss B
  • Miss Butler 9 months ago
    Dear all For the How Many Teeth lesson, if you want the information for Highfield, here it is: 16 teachers Foundation stage 60 children. Key stage 1 90 children Key stage 2 150 children. Good luck!
  • Nikki Fletcher 9 months ago
    Good morning Mrs Butler. Just a little request: Would it be possible to have answers to any of the set work that has a clear answer (both this week and going forward)? Especially so far this week, for the Ants Maths sheets (we have them for the extension exercises this week) and the Word Classes colouring in task. It takes a fair bit of concentration and time to work it all out ourselves to see if it is right which is hard to do when trying to do our own work and support two different year group children and would be great to be able to just do a quick check. Thank you! Nikki
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  • Shelley Cooper 8 months ago
    It's national 'Thank a Teacher Day' today, so thank you Ms Butler and all the teachers and staff at Highfield for being GREAT! :o)
  • Miss Butler 8 months ago
    Dear Mrs Cooper Thank you so much, it has not been an easy time for anybody so I was very touched by your comment. Keep positive everyone! Miss B
  • Miss Butler 8 months ago
    Dear parents and children, Hope you have had a lovely half term and are ready for the second part of the summer term. Online learning will continue to be available and our zoom assemblies will continue every Wednesday but at 3pm. Hope to see you then. Good luck with this week's learning. In maths we are revisiting time so watch the loom videos which help with your understanding. In English we are looking at the wonderful Michael Rosen's poetry and then you can have fun writing your own. The foundation subjects continue with the Vikings and Sikhism. Please contact me if you have any problems or if you want to show me your work. Miss B
  • Miss Butler 8 months ago
    Dear all, Thank you for all your hard work learning at home. This morning I have received a funny golf joke from Mac (and his mum) and a very informative PowerPoint by Theo about the music from Jurassic Park, next time I watch the movie I will listen closely to the music, I wonder if anyone could tell me who composed the music? Theo's electrolyte potato clock is also on the wow wall for you to see. I like the use of tomatoes too! Where are the girls? I'm getting a lot of work from the boys, c'mon girls, share your learning! I will record the next chapter of The Explorer today, please let me know if you are listening to it or if you want a different book. Keep up the good work, enjoy your Easter break, don't eat too much chocolate! Have a look at my Easter Challenges and I look forward to hearing about your results. Take care and stay safe. Miss B
  • Miss Butler 7 months ago
    Dear Year 4 and Parents Thank you for all the work you are sending in via the Remote HSF email, I do love receiving your work and hearing from you. I have really enjoyed our zoom assemblies and it has been a great way to keep in touch. This week's zoom assembly will be the last one so I hope to see as many of you as possible. Miss Butler
  • Shelley Cooper 6 months ago
    Thank you Ms Butler for the 'Lolly Catch Up', allowing Year 4 to see their friends for one last time before the summer was so important and was thoroughly enjoyed by Reily! Thank you to all the Year 4 staffing team for all your tremendous help and support through the year and a big thank you to all Highfield staff for all your efforts during the last few months. Hope you all have a well deserved and restful summer holiday :)
  • Rachael Savage 5 months ago
    Hi Ms Butler, hope all’s well with you. We’ve videoed Jacob doing a magic trick but the file is too big to send to the HFSF email address and I can’t make it smaller! Any chance I could send it to you via whatsapp as that seems to work when we’ve tested it. Thanks so much Rachael x
  • Ms Butler 4 months ago
    Dear Nikki Your wish has been granted - all the Busy Ants maths work answers have been included in this week's work. I do understand the extra work when answers aren't provided but as you realise a lot of the writing is open-ended. If you can encourage your children to think about the "features" of whatever genre they are writing and to remember how important punctuation, paragraphs, conjunctions , capital letters and good vocabulary are when structuring their writing. Thank you to all parents for your tremendous efforts and continued support of the remote learning that is in place. If there is anything else I can do, please don't hesitate to ask. Ms Butler

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