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Welcome to the Year 5 Forum. Please feel free to ask questions, share comments and keep in touch with your class.

Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Lyndsey Stoneman 1 year ago
    Hi I was wondering are u able to set work online that doesn’t need printing off as I can’t do that ?thanks Ellie Sinfield’s mum
  • Mrs Cullum 1 year ago
    Morning Mrs Fletcher, Thank you so much for your kind offer, but I am the worst at following videos! I am going to put it on ice until I can actually attempt it with someone face to face, I think also I will start with a very....very basic design! Maybe you could point me in the right direction with that? Please do keep me posted with how Owen gets on though. I hope you and your family are all doing well, thanks again. Mrs Cullum
  • Mrs Cullum 1 year ago
    Hi, hope you are all well, I see Ellie has been accessing the mathletics, which is one way she can do the maths set for her without sheets. I have signed the class up to 'Classroom Secrets kids' This will give Ellie access to extra maths, english, spelling, GPS and history for her year group. If you go to their website Ellie's log in follows this format: Username: 246211(her name with capital letter) Password: (Her name with a capital letter.) (For any other parents who would like to access this, your child will also have a log in using the same format.) Oxford Owl is also a good website which has ebooks with comprehension questions to answer online too. Let me know how you get on with these, please feel free to ask any further questions. Take care, Mrs Cullum
  • Naomi 10 months ago
    Good afternoon The science this week looks lots of fun however the loom video refers to the fact that they should’ve learnt about the lifecycle of a chicken last week. Last week they had amphibian as lifecycle task, week before was mammals. Do they need to do the chicken before moving on to their own imaginary animal?
  • Lyndsey stoneman 10 months ago
    Hi this maths Ellie is finding it too hard for her I’m not sure this is set for what she is able to do ?lyndsey Stoneman
  • Mrs Cullum 10 months ago
    Hello lovely Year 5’s We hope you’ve all had a great Easter Holiday enjoying the lovely sunshine and eating too much chocolate. Now it’s back to learning and we have been busy preparing your work. You will see that you have Maths and English every day and some Science and History for the afternoons. Please remember that you can ask us for help on the forum and we will get back to you as soon as we can. In addition to the learning which you will have access to on the school website, we thought it might be the perfect opportunity for you to get your oven gloves on to bake those healthy muffins we planned last term! You should have your recipes with you, but if not, you could research some healthy savoury combinations online or in any cookery books you may have at home. Once you have baked your muffins please take a picture and send it to: Explain what you enjoyed about them and maybe what you would change about them if you were to make them again. Don't forget to share them with your family, they could give you some vital feedback! We hope you are keeping busy and occupied at home, we would love to hear about anything you have been up to/ created / invented! So please do stay in touch via the forum. Take care, stay safe and keep washing those hands. Mrs Cullum and Mrs Campbell
  • Naomi 10 months ago
    Hello all! Hope everyone is keeping well. Riley sure is missing the social side of school. Don't think he's too impressed with his current teacher either hahah would much rather be with you Mrs Cullum! Just a side note- he found the Titanic story writing a tad emotional as it isn't the most light-hearted of topics, although he enjoyed the historical aspect of it. But now we are faced with Carrie's War and on this side of the fence I'm trying to keep spirits high and positive and just find that in the current environment it is well, depressing, to be writing about refugee children being taken away from their parents. Hoping it is OK with you but we're going to go on pobble 365 or choose a character from a book that Riley has enjoyed and write a diary entry for that character. I am assuming it is the diary entry writing style that is more important than the subject matter and as I said, given the current environment I hope it is OK to go with something a little more fun and enjoyable. Naomi
  • Naomi 10 months ago
    Just seen this and as we’re on mammal lifecycles it may be a good watch.
  • Ebony 10 months ago
    Hi Mrs Cullum! I have lost my letter that had all my websites on to do work. Please could you tell me them again. (I hope your well.)
  • Elspeth Fletcher 9 months ago
    Hi Mrs Cullum & Mrs Campbell, Please can you check the history section for this week? It is appearing in grey typeface but does appear to have a link to click on. Also, do you want work dropping off at school? Cheers, Elspeth Fletcher
  • Karen Duckworth 9 months ago
    Hi its Williams mum 2 questions Is there a project link for the W/C20April history project? what is Williams user name and password Thanks
  • Lyndsey Stoneman 9 months ago
    Hi ru able to email me Ellie sign in and password for rockstar times table as she can’t remember it thank u Lyndsey
  • claire buckton 9 months ago
    Sorry for the problem with the History link... It is now resolved. Thanks Claire
  • karen Duckworth 9 months ago
    Hi, Williams mum again. Is there a problem with the video link on excercise 3 I can not get it to work on any browser
  • Mrs Cullum 9 months ago
    Hi, Ellie has been doing really well in her maths, especially column addition, is it the rounding to check that is throwing her? If so, when she writes the numbers (For example in Tuesday Challenge 1 Question a) 34, 587 + 27, 251 if she first circles the hundreds (Highlights in my example) 34, 587 + 27, 251 Then she knows to check the tens digit to see whether to round the hundreds up or down. If she then writes the numbers out in their new rounded form, so: 34, 600 + 27, 300 she should be able to attempt to add these mentally. In class we would try to break it down into adding hundreds first, then thousands then tens of thousands, one step at a time. So 61, 900 is the rounded approximation. When she uses the column method, as she normally would to add the numbers, she should hopefully be able to see how the rounding answer is useful in checking her column method answer is accurate. I appreciate this might seem like a bit of a long way of going about working out an answer, however it is really useful in practising their mental maths skills as well as being to identify wrong answers. I would suggest giving Ellie these steps to tackle the questions: Write out the numbers in a line (as I have initially.) Circle the digit in the hundreds If the tens is a 01234 round down, if it is 56789 round up. Write out the new rounded number sentence. Add the numbers in stages, from hundreds, thousands, tens thousands Use column method to add the original numbers to check both answers are similar. I hope this helps! If Ellie is getting worried about the rounding if she just practises the normal column method it will still be a really useful recap. Kind regards, Mrs Cullum (I have asked the office to send you Ellie's log in so that should be with you soon.)
  • Mrs Cullum 9 months ago
    Hi Mrs Duckworth, I hope you are all well, If you go to their website William's log in follows this format: Username: 246211(his name with capital letter) Password: (His name with a capital letter.) Let me know if you have any problems, Thanks, Mrs Cullum
  • Mrs Cullum 9 months ago
    Morning Naomi, I hope you are both well, I can relate to that feeling, I miss seeing the class too! Yes I'm afraid the timing of the subject matter in English was a little unfortunate in the theme, both very interesting topics but I see how they can be a little upsetting. Carrie's War is a great book which you could always approach from the angle of an adventure, and how fortunate we are not to be in the situation of the evacuees. That said the end goal of the writing task is a diary, so if Riley is more comfortable using a different prompt to use as inspiration to write one that is absolutely fine! Thanks, Mrs Cullum
  • Lyndsey stoneman 9 months ago
    Hi we can’t seem to get on the loom for history can u tell me the password for it as we put in south Farnham not working thanks Lyndsey x
  • Ebony 9 months ago
    Hello Mrs Cullum! Thank you so much for the websites.I hope you are okay as well as the other teachers. I was also wondering if you could tell me my login for times tables rock stars because I didn't get it with all my other logins. -Ebony :)
  • claire buckton 9 months ago
    Hi Ebony - I have just sent your login details via email. Thanks Claire
  • Ebony Campbell 9 months ago
    Hi Mrs Cullum! Sorry to bother you again but for some reason when I tried my login it didn't work it kept saying that it was incorrect. When i was doing the right login. What should I do? - Ebony
  • Ebony 9 months ago
    Oh sorry i didnt really know other people could see the emails. Sorry about that. -Ebony
  • Mrs Cullum 9 months ago
    Hi Ebony, No problem, I have tried to log in using your details and it has worked. Have you made sure your username and password is all in lowercase? If not, try this. You also need to make sure you are logging into the Highfield South Farnham portal, so after you reach the TTRockstars website and click login, click student, it should ask you which school you are in. If you do this then hopefully you should be able to get in. Good luck :-) Let me know if you need any further help, Mrs Cullum
  • naomi springer 9 months ago
    Thanks Mrs Cullum. We used some inspiration from Bed Knobs and Broomsticks so was able to persevere with the topic! Take care. Naomi
  • Mrs Campbell 9 months ago
    Hi Year 5 I hope you've been enjoying the history this week. Having been to Mexico myself it is a topic I love to read and talk about. For those of you yet to do the research please have look at this bbc bitesize link which is full of great information and has links to some interesting clips. Enjoy and let us know what you think. Mrs Campbell
  • Ebony Campbell 9 months ago
    Hi Mrs Cullum. I have tried what you have said and its still not working
  • Naomi 9 months ago
    Hi there. The Piano success criteria says to identify which words from the LIST are extremely relevant, which aren’t etc. I can’t seem to find the list.
  • Mrs Cullum 9 months ago
    Morning Naomi, I think when it refers to 'The List' it means the list of thoughts you wrote in your initial impressions part. So sorting out what is relevant from these. I know it gives the impression you have a separate list of things which you need to go through though, so sorry for that. I hope that makes sense, Thanks, Mrs Cullum
  • Elspeth Fletcher 9 months ago
    Hi Mrs Cullum, We liked the video for this week. If you need some help deciphering the crochet pattern - I have made a couple of small toys before. Owen has asked to give crochet a go too! We have skype if it helps. Best wishes, Elspeth F
  • Zirva Rehman 8 months ago
    Hi Mrs Cullum, it's Zirva. I hope you are well, I don't understand what is a trios in today's math's lesson 1 Challenge 3.I am not sure what to do so please could you explain what it is. Thanks!
  • Mrs Cullum 7 months ago
    Hi Zirva, I hope what we discussed in the zoom made sense, let me know if you have any trouble with the percentages this week and I will help as best I can. Have a lovely week! Thanks :-)
  • Zirva Rehman 7 months ago
    Hi Mrs Cullum. On this weeks science I wanted to ask if you had to draw the garden or do something different, please could you explain how to do it. Thanks!

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