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Year 6 Forum

Welcome to the Year 6 Forum. Please feel free to ask questions, share comments and keep in touch with your class.

Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Anna Brown 10 months ago
    Just a quick update for you all; Mrs Andrews and I will be providing the answers for the Maths and English set each week (which will be posted in the relevant sections above). If you need any additional guidance or assistance with the writing task or foundations subjects, please contact us and we will be happy to help. I would love to read your writing, especially over the next couple of weeks, as I love the book 'Goodnight Mr Tom'. You can always send it to us via the email address: I look forward to seeing you on our Zoom assembly later this week. Keep safe and well. Mrs Brown
  • Julia Harrison 9 months ago
    Hi Mrs Andrews and all the teachers, Hope you are all keeping well and safe! Lily is finding home learning quite challenging (as I imagine we all are-parents included)and is not very motivated to do the work that is being set. We are attempting some maths / English, reading, art and research / topic work everyday, but if I’m honest, we aren’t following the schedule you have put up, we are doing some of it, but also adding in cooking lessons/ gardening and plenty exercise which is helping to keep the positivity flowing! Some days we achieve a lot, others are not so productive. We are trying our best under the circumstances. Any tips you could offer would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Julia
  • Anna Brown 9 months ago
    Dear Mrs Harrison and Lily, It is lovely to hear from you. I hope you are all keeping well. We understand that things are difficult at the moment and that home learning is different and at times challenging. I would encourage Lily to keep reading and if possible keep trying a little of the maths - why not log into Times Tables Rock Stars? Or Mathletics to change things up? I glad to hear that you are making the most of this time with some cooking and gardening as well. Have you had a chance to look at the BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons? These support the curriculum being delivered by school and provide some interesting and fun videos and activities for you to try. In addition I have included some Geography links as well which might keep Sammy and Lily engaged. Maybe they might like to keep a weather diary etc – there is a cloud wheel they can download from the MET office to help them identify what types of cloud are in the sky. Or they can make maps of their local areas Variety is the key. Take care of yourselves and we hope to see you soon. Mrs Brown
  • Julia Harrison 9 months ago
    Hi Mrs Brown, Thanks for the suggestions. We are doing mathematics/rockstars etc and I find they seem to enjoy doing those. They find the bite size too short (I have explained it’s bite sized info!) and then they lose interest. Still, we will keep trying and anything we achieve is better than nothing! Thanks again, stay safe.
  • Anna Brown 9 months ago
    No problem at all, we appreciate things are difficult. I am glad to hear that they are sticking with it. Maybe the children would like to record this time with photographs, pictures, videos etc in the form of some kind of journal? (Maybe a PPT - a slide a day?) They could do a little each day in which ever format they want - it will be something they can share with family and look back on in the future. There is always a member of staff in school if you need to speak to someone. I will be in tomorrow. Many thanks, keep positive and be safe. Mrs Brown
  • Mrs Andrews 9 months ago
    Dear Julia, I hope this message finds you and the family well. First of all, I would be realistic about what you can do, as the home environment is not school, you’re not a teacher and the children aren’t expected to learn like they would at school. The fact that you attempted maths/English, reading, art and research is brilliant. Here are some strategies and tips which I hope might prove helpful: Firstly, try and share some of the teaching and learning load at home, if there is more than one adult available or maybe between siblings could be helpful. Through coaching younger siblings, it can help to consolidate her understanding of concepts that she has to revisit, which she may have forgotten. Perhaps, between Lily and her brother, they could come up with a timetable, setting out a routine they can stick to. Discuss where they feel they learn best, and ensure there are opportunities for breaks and to eat etc. This would be a great opportunity for Lily to manage her time ready for secondary school and feel the pleasure of getting things done independently, so that she can tick them off  Additionally, the BBC have set out a schedule this week of excellent video clips tailored to each year group. They are 15-20 minutes which would be equivalent to the typical length of time for a class input, before starting independent work. Keeping up a reading habit is also a good idea. Audible is free at the moment and I am adding chapters of ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ to the school website, as we would be studying this over the summer term. Mix it up and make it fun, perhaps Lily could read to a grandparent or other family member over ‘facetime’. I think it is excellent that you are making time for fun activities such as cooking, gardening and exercise to keep the positivity flowing! Despite this rather strange time and the challenges that we are facing, it sounds like lots of fantastic things are going on. Thank you so much for your correspondence and do ask for help if you need anything else. Best wishes and stay safe, Mrs Andrews
  • Caroline Bullock 9 months ago
    Hi Mrs Andrew's hope you are well. Joshua is working through all the work you set each week. Sometimes I wonder if he is putting enough effort in but he seems happy with his work. Joshua is in touch with Safwan & they are doing there work together over video chat so they can offer each other help & support. Stay safe x
  • Anna Brown 9 months ago
    Dear Mrs Bullock and Joshua, Thank you so much for updating us on Joshua’s progress. It’s great to hear that he’s been keeping in contact with his friends as well. We would love to see what he’s been doing over the past few weeks. Maybe you could email a picture to us or even a short video. We hope to see you all soon. Keep positive, safe and well. Mrs Brown
  • Andrea Ramalhete 9 months ago
    Dear Mrs Andrews, Mrs Brown and Ms Wilson I hope you are all well and healthy. Lucas has been working well on the work set weekly. However he is struggling a bit with Maths, especially the times tables. I have been using Twinkl resources, and I was wondering if there are any other suggestions from you so he can regain confidence in his maths? Thank you in advance. Andrea
  • Anna Brown 9 months ago
    Dear Mrs Ramalhete and Lucas, It is lovely to hear from you. I am sure Mrs Andrews will have some helpful resources for you and Lucas. Have you tried Times Tables Rock Stars or Hit the Button (you can turn the timer off to make it more relaxed!)? Keep going with it. A little everyday will make a huge difference. See you soon, keep safe and well. Mrs Brown
  • Richard Rowbotham 9 months ago
    Dear Highfield team. I hope you are all well. Thank you so much for the weekly syllabus work, it’s really helping with our days’ structure. I was wondering if you could publish an Answers sheet for perhaps the Maths challenges and the English comprehension. Archie is happy with the Maths, but I’m not 100% sure I can accurately assess his work (especially on multiplying fractions!). I don’t want to allow him to reinforce anything which he might be doing wrong. He is ‘ok’ with the English, but it would be very helpful to see some ‘model answers’ so as I know what to expect from him at this level. Thanks again and I hope all of you are safe and healthy. p.s. I think I gave a 5* rating but it’s 50/50 as to whether you go left or right!!!
  • Anna Brown 9 months ago
    Dear Mr Rowbotham, I am in school on Friday and will find some model answers for this week and next weeks work and make sure they are posted for you to access. Keep safe and well. Mrs Brown
  • Andrea Ramalhete 9 months ago
    hello Mrs Andrews Could you please send me Lucas' Time table rockstars login details as he lost them? Andrea
  • Mrs Andrews 9 months ago
    Hi Year 6A, Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Zoom assembly today, it was lovely to see so many of you! This week please could you e-mail into you favourite Highfield moment and your proudest Highfield moment. If you missed the Year 6A Assembly today, please don't worry as we will have one every Friday at 1pm from now on. Look forward to seeing you all there next week, Mrs Andrews
  • Sarah Hamlet 8 months ago
    Looking at ratios maths challenge 2 today, I think there is a mistake in the answers. Was confusing me. I think there should be 48 bags of sweets in total with 8 bags of orange sweets not 9 bags of brown sweets? Couldn’t get to the right answers otherwise! Thanks Sarah
  • Mrs Andrews 8 months ago
    Hi Year 6, Thank you for everyone who joined us for our first Year 6 zoom assembly! It was wonderful to see you all and hear a bit about what you have been up to. Thank you to those of you who have sent in a baby photo and lock down photo already. Please do send these along to hsfremote We look forward to our next Zoom assembly on Friday 15th May to celebrate this year's achievements in Year 6. Remember to write your sign, sharing what you were most proud of for this year (see if you can write in mirror writing). Bring an ice-lolly or refreshment and we'll see you then! Mrs Andrews, Mrs Brown, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Grevink
  • Aly Drew 7 months ago
    Hi, just wanted to say the leavers assembly sounds like super fun, thank you, really looking forward to seeing the finished result xxx take care and Mrs Andrews biggest CONGRATULATIONS :-) thanks Aly & Luke xx
  • Mrs Andrews 7 months ago
    Dear Year 6A, It’s coming to that time of year where we would be preparing our Year 6 Leaver’s Play and we would love to prepare something special all together to celebrate. We intend to put together a video of everyone and we need your help: Please could you find the lyrics of ‘When I grow up, from Matilda’ and ‘Leaver’s Poem by Alan Ahlberg’. Once you open the page, you will find your name allocated to certain lines, which we would like you to record yourselves singing/reciting. Additionally, we would welcome any videos in of you sharing your fondest Highfield moment. Please prepare something no longer than 1 1/2 minutes and send it in to us. This is optional but we would love to hear from you, if you have a good story! If you have not had a chance to yet, please could you send in a baby photo to us. Thank you to all of those that have been sent in so far. Please could you send all videos of yourself singing/reciting these lines in school uniform. Once you have videoed your contributions, please email them to We are proud of you all and your resilience over this tricky time. We endeavour to make this the best Leaver’s Assembly, that we all know you deserve! We look forward to receiving all your wonderful contributions, Best wishes, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Brown, Mrs Grevink and Miss Dunsdon.
  • Mrs Andrews 7 months ago
    Hi Y6 A, Please could all contribution to the leavers play be in by Friday 4th July. Thank you, Mrs Andrews
  • Mrs Andrews 7 months ago
    DearMrs Ramalhete, Lovely to hear from you and thank you for the correspondence of Lucas's work on Times Tables Rockstars is brilliant and if you have lost logins, please contact me on remote and I am happy to send them to you. Best wishes, Mrs Andrews
  • Mrs Andrews 4 months ago
    Hi 6A, Just a reminder to come and join us on Zoom this Friday. We mentioned that all signs had to be mirror writing. Although, it transpires that mirror writing only seems to happen on Loom and not on Zoom., so it should be alright to write it the correct way. Enjoy the rest of your weekends and we look forward to seeing you soon. Mrs Andrews

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