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Yr 3 W.C 14th September


Minimum expectation of time spent

Work set

Details of work set

How should this be completed?




1 hour per day

Busy Ants


Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5


Extension 1

Extension 2

Extension 3

Extension 4

Extension 5

Telling the time


Answer questions from the sheets provided.


If you complete all of the questions for each day then please choose an extension sheet to work on.


You could also try telling the time at different points of the day with your adults at home.

In an exercise book or on the squared paper provided.


1 hour per day

Lesson 1


Text & Questions

Caterpillars – Rhyming Poetry

When you have read the text, answer the questions in full sentences.

In an exercise book or on lined paper.

Lesson 2

Punctuation, Grammar and Spelling


Lesson 2 Poetry Sheet

Understanding Poetry

1. Complete the questions about poetry from the Lesson 2 sheet.

2. Practise gathering rhyming words with your adult.

On printed copies of the sheets or in an exercise book.

Lesson 3


Lessons 3-5 Task outline

Planning sheet

Adjectives Word Bank

Rhyming Word Bank

Planning a Minibeast Poem


Read the task outline to learn about what this week’s writing task is.


Plan your writing sheet using the planning sheet provided.

In exercise books or using the planning sheet provided.

Lesson 4

Writing – Draft


Draft paper

Drafting and Editing a Rhyming Poem

You will be writing a rhyming poem about a minibeast based on the task from earlier in the week.

In exercise books or on draft paper provided.

Lesson 5

Writing – Final Version


Paper for final version

Improving and Completing a Rhyming Poem

Improve and complete your poem, writing it up on the lined paper provided.

On the lined paper provided.


2 hour per day


RE – Lesson Pack

RE – Different Names for God

Read through the information pack to learn about the different names that Christians have for God.

Complete the task listed at the end of the Lesson Pack.

In an exercise book or on a sheet of blank paper.


Science – Lesson Pack


Nutrients Information Pack


Planning Sheet


Nutrients Sheet


Science – Survival and Balanced Diet

This term, we will be beginning to learn about the human body and healthy eating.

Read the lesson pack to learn about what humans need to survive and what a balanced diet should have.

Complete the Planning Sheet and the Nutrients Sheet using the information packs to help you.

On the sheets provided or in an exercise book.