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Yr2 W.C 18th May


Minimum expectation of time spent

Work set

Details of work set

How should this be completed?




1 hour per day

Busy Ant Maths

Maths 1

Maths 2

Maths 3

Maths 4

Maths 5

Parent Notes

Children to answer questions. If they have completed their challenge, they can progress onto additional activities or games on mathletics or the suggested links.


Please watch the Loom Video:


Directly onto sheet or in exercise book


1 hour per day

Lesson 1 Comprehension

Lesson 1 Page 1

Lesson 1 Page 2

Lesson 1 Page 3


Children to work through the activities and answer the questions.


Directly onto sheet or in exercise book

Lesson 2 Spelling


Children to complete the activity.

Either cut and stick the words onto a new sheet of paper or in to exercise book. Or write the words, using neat handwriting, into exercise book.

Lesson 3



Please watch the  loom video and complete the writing activity.



Directly in exercise book

Lesson 4

Lesson 4 Page 1

Lesson 4 Page 2

Lesson 4 Page 3

Children to complete the activities.

Directly onto sheet or in exercise book

Lesson 5

Lesson 5 Page 1 – SPAG

Lesson 5 Page 2 – Writing


Children to complete the activities.

Directly onto sheet or in exercise book

Foundation Subjects






Please watch the  Loom Video Loom Video for your lesson information:


Please watch the  BBC clip:



On plain paper.










RE sheet


Living and Learning Activity

Watch the Loom Video:



Discuss what you love about the planet. Why is it special? Why is it important for humans?

Why do you think that the world is a special place for Christians?


BBC Clip

Look at the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. What is it about them that is wonderful?


Task: Create a collage of all the wonderful things in the world and explain why it is wonderful.



Why not learn a song about our wonder world? You could send us a video of you performing it – with your family too, if you like.




After listening to the song, try the Living and Learning activities.

On plain paper.




Watch the  Loom Video:



Keep a diary of the seeds you are growing. Thinking about taking photographs or drawing pictures. Remember to record your measurements.

Exercise book, or paper or on a PowerPoint presentation.


End of  the day story time

Miss Romp is your storyteller this week and she has recorded a different story for each day of the week for you. Look out for a new storyteller next week.


Monday- I don’t want to wash my hands



Tuesday- The Paper Dolls



Wednesday- The Gruffalo



Thursday- Pugicorn



Friday- More Ketchup Please