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Yr6 W.C 14th September


Minimum expectation of time spent

Work set

Details of work set

How should this be completed?




1 hour per day

Arithmetic 1

Arithmetic 2

Arithmetic 3

Arithmetic 4

Lesson 5

Complete arithmetic sheets for Lesson 1-4. 


For lesson 5 calculate the surface area of each shape. You will need to count the number of cubes used to make each shape. Hint: annotate the sheet if possible to keep track of your counting. 

In exercise book/ on plain or squared paper.


Use ‘LESSON SUPPORT’ documents to support understanding.


1 hour per day

Lesson 1 Grammar

Lesson 1 Extension


Lesson 2 Grammar

Lesson 2 Extension 


Lesson 3 Spelling 

Lesson 3 Extension


Lesson 4 Writing task 


Lesson 5 Final version

Lesson 1-3:  Complete grammar and spelling sheets on paper or on the printed worksheet. Complete extension task if you have finished within the hour.


Writing task: Your task is to write an alternative ending to the poem – the Highwayman lives and Bess is rescued.

In exercise book/ on plain paper.


1 hour per subject


















Harvest art creation

You could create any of the following on the Harvest theme:

  • Harvest collage (collected items from the garden)
  • Finger print harvest image (such as corn in a field, pen to provide the stalks)
  • Cartoon drawing of Harvest
  • A sheet of mixed paints depicting the mood harvest creates – maybe a response to the cold mornings and warmer afternoons
  • An image of a collected harvest (fruits, veg etc)



Complete the storyboard on the events of Muhammad's life.

On plain paper